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Eaton Centre - Bay & Dundas - Lot #434
525 Bay Street,
Toronto ON M5B 2H1
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<div class=ExternalClassBDFF6A0113BF4B95B5B981C3C0EEAD21>The Entrance to the Bay &amp; Dundas Parkade is located on the east side of Bay St. When exiting this facility no left turns during Mon-Fri 7:30am to 9:30 and 3:30pm to 6:30pm. Max clearance is 6’11”. Facility has 3 levels. Payment is fully automated. For payment pull a ticket at the entrance. Keep ticket with you and pay at any one of the four elevator lobby Paystations at the end of your visit, prior to returning to your vehicle. Credit, Debit, or cash accepted. Insert paid ticket at the exit. For assistance press the “Help” button on any of the machines. For any other concerns or to inquire about monthly parking please call the Eaton Centre Parking Office at 416 598 8685 or email tecparking@cadillacfairview.com</div>
Monday to Friday : Every 15 minutes $3.50, 2 hours & Above $25.00
Earlybird (enter 5am to 7:30am) $21.00, Evening flat rate (12am-5am) $15.00
Saturday 3 hrs or less $12.00, 6 hrs or less $17.00, 12 hrs or less $22.00
Saturday Evening flat rate (12am-5am) $15.00
Sunday & Holiday (Flat Rate) $12, Evening flat rate (12am-5am) $15
Daily rate payment options:
Random Non Tenant:

In the case of a discrepancy between the rates shown here and those displayed at the lot, the rates at the lot shall prevail.
Lot Details

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covered garage
Restrictions :
maximum height clearance 6'11". propane vehicles are not permitted.
from bay street, south of dundas
exit to bay street


 *Please Note: Parking Devices*

All devices are PICK-UP ONLY. To arrange for pick-up, please contact the Eaton Centre Parking Office by phone (416-598-8685, Mon-Fri, 8:00am-5:00pm) or email (tecparking@cadillacfairview.com).

PLEASE DO NOT SELECT MAIL OR COURIER, these options are not available at this lot.

For cancellations and returning of devices, please drop off to the attendant at the exit - disregard any notification to return devices to 90 Northline Road.

Number of Stalls Required: *  

 DescriptionRateFrequencyDiscount RequirementAvailable Date 
Random Non Tenant$276.00Monthly   06-Apr-2023  

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